You will find many applications of pallet inverters, particularly in warehouses. They can help in speeding up your material handling process and help in lowering the wear and tear on your manual workforce and keeping the operation efficient and effective.

A pallet inverter is a certain device that is mainly used for transferring pallets while they are loaded with different products. There can be several reasons why you may need to rotate your pallet, which can be quickly done with the help of this device.

It can be very tedious and time-consuming if the same task has to be done manually, which a pallet inverter can accomplish very easily. A US-based company called Top Industries is one of the professional Companies based in Florida that have customized this equipment for several industries.

The following are a few industries that mostly need pallet inverters.

  1. Food companies
  2. Pharmaceutical companies
  3. Any industry that has to turn a product 180⁰ like…
  • Cheesemakers during their maturation process
  • Concrete sections are turned to remove steel moulding
  • Printers need printing on both sides of paper sheets
  • Makers of laminated products such as MDF boards
  • After the cork has extended into the bottle’s neck and is needed for long-term storage, vineyards frequently invert their wine bottles.
  • Bananas can also be inverted after ripening so that they may look better while they are on grocery store shelves

The benefits of pallet inverters

1.      A valuable investment

A pallet inverter sometimes seems expensive at first, but the advantages far outweigh and surpass the cost. You can get financial savings from:

  • Streamlining labour costs
  • Reducing damage to products
  • Avoiding workplace injuries
  • Paying compensation to the employee for injuries

The main conclusion is that a pallet inverter increases business efficiency and that your ROI is properly supported.

2.      Less manpower needed

Your firm needs less manpower, saves more time, and has more trained individuals available to perform specialised tasks that need human interaction because the massive piece of equipment handles the difficult, hard tasks for you.

A pallet inverter also contributes to cost savings if you frequently replace pallets by ensuring that only the bare minimum of pallets is rented out.

3.      Prevent products from getting damaged

When handled carelessly, forklifts can harm both the pallets holding the products and the contents themselves. In fact, inadequate handling or forklifting from one place to another is the main cause of the expenditures lost when pallets are broken during transit.

Pallet inverters can easily move, store, and also stack pallets more effectively with greater stacking capacity, less hassle, and almost no damage to the products.

4.      An all-in-one solution

For companies that routinely rotate bigger volumes during or after the production process, pallet inverters are also useful. The equipment can rotate many quantities at once as opposed to only one box at a time.

Because a pallet inverter can handle several types of pallets, you also gain versatility from using one. A pallet inverter is an all-in-one piece of equipment that eliminates the need for additional pallet handling tools.

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