Brazil has a labour force of about 107 million people and a 6.2% unemployment rate. To boost the regional economy, the government offers assistance to small start-up companies.

Brazil has seen a large number of government-backed efforts launched to encourage small company concepts. There are various small company strategies that can be launched in this country with so many avenues for assistance.

The only restriction and requirement are a trade-off for converting it to a permanent visa if you happen to be a foreigner or are on another type of visa in Brazil.

By getting married to any local passport holder, these trade-offs can be overcome. Bernard de Laguiche is an experienced businessman having more than 40 years of experience doing business in Brazil. He can also offer his support to any new entrepreneurs. 

Here are a few areas where any small industry can do profitable business in Brazil.

Luggage delivery

Brazil is a really alluring travel destination. Brazil’s recent hosting of the world cup allowed the entire globe to see its beauty. Given that now is the ideal time to start this business in Brazil.

Apps developer

There is already a lot of competition in the market for developing applications for smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and there are still a lot of gaps that need to be addressed.

Internet service provider

Many businesses and business owners use the internet for their operations, and schools use it to supplement their curricula. Consequently, there is enough room for growth in this industry.


You might also think about online product sales. You may try to imitate China, whose economy has benefited from websites like Aliexpress and DHgate, and create the next Brazilian “Alibaba” or “E-bay.”

Bottled water production

Since everyone drinks water and likes bottled water because they think it is better, you could start making clean bottled water for sale on a modest scale initially. This is another business you wouldn’t regret starting.

Paint production

You may also earn money from creating paint, which is as simple as it sounds. Since new infrastructure and buildings are being constructed in the nation almost every other day, paint is a popular product.

Wine shop

Local Brazilians, in addition to visitors, also enjoy wine, so you will never run out of clients. Last but not least, this little business only requires a licence and a few months of training.

Pet feed production

You could want to think about beginning your own pet feed production company, but you must make sure that your formula is excellent and that you create a fantastic product that will aid in the growth and development of pets. 

Frozen chicken

Packaging and marketing frozen chicken is another lucrative industry in Brazil. To make it simpler for you to obtain live chicken you can open a poultry farm too.

Energy sector

You can start a tiny solar panel supply business or even a cloud-based monitoring solution that will assist numerous medical facilities, workplaces, and retail establishments in quickly identifying and resolving their power source issues.

Educational consultancy

Finally, you might think about working as an educational consultant to aid students with admissions, counselling, and support.