Are you looking forward to getting a new workplace? Whether you have a new company or established brand, the workplace you select will be central in defining operational efficiency and ultimate success. Well, you have the opportunity to select the traditional office model, but this comes with a lot of limitations, such as costs. However, there is a better alternative: rent workplace in a shared office space.

What is a Shared Workplace?

A shared or flexible workplace is designed to provide all the amenities that you get in a standard office, but they are arranged in a way to guarantee high versatility. The idea is to accommodate all types of workers, from start-ups to large companies that target to operate with a difference.

The design of most rent workplace facilities includes a whole range of facilities and assets at the disposal of the users. Therefore, you need to plan to optimise their uses for success. Here are some of the common facilities that you are likely to get in most shared facilities:

Meeting rooms.

Breakout spaces.

Boarding rooms. ‘

Unique event spaces.

Gym facilities.

Shower rooms.

Reception and reception staff.

Depending on the model being used by the management of the shared facility, most of these facilities might be part of the fee charged for rent or attract an additional cost. So, you might want to start by reviewing the model and costs before selecting the preferred model.

Rent Workplace in a Shared Office to Enjoy the Following Benefits

The most notable benefit of using the rent workplace model is the hassle-free setup. Indeed, everything has been set for you so that all that you need is settling. The computers, desk, office chairs, internet, meeting rooms, and reception are all provided. Here are other benefits that make renting a workplace in a shared environment more appealing.

You can Get Started Fast

If you are opening an office, the logistics of setting up an office can cause a lot of delays. However, you do not have to worry about these when working with shared offices. Because the office is already set, you only need to move in. You can get a lease agreement in the morning and start operations a few hours later. This is one of the reasons why more companies opening offshore offices are now going for shared offices.

Very Helpful for Networking

If your company’s sales have been dwindling in the recent past, it might be an appropriate time to consider the working model. The good thing about shared offices is that they help to clear a big chunk of expenses and more importantly, provide opportunities for networking. The community you get in the shared offices might end up being the new clients.

The interaction with new co-workers can also help to take the brand to new markets. Think of a new app developer who wins five new friends in the co-working space. These friends might help to sell the product by sharing the details with their friends. Within a very short time, you are likely to get more  following, likes, and conversions. These leads could ultimately help to drive sales and increase profits.

Increased Visibility

Every time new clients hear about a new project or business, they check back to see its website and location. Instead of confining the company to your home garage, shared workplaces by top brands can help to increase visibility. With time, more partners in the same building will link up, showcasing your work as you reciprocate to drive visibility. This might be the first step in growing your brand.

To enjoy these and more benefits when you opt to rent a workplace for business, it is important to ensure that only the best-shared offices are considered. You should carefully review the available space, facilities, and management. To be sure of getting it right with the shared workspace, You can identify the best work spaces, simplify the working of hybrid teams and workplace planning.

This post was written by Tara Kintz. Tara is a director at Signature Workspace, owned and operated by Cantor Fund Management, offers services and amenities such as private offices, flex space, co-working space, virtual offices, meeting/conference rooms, and more.