Travel confidence is rising, and visitors are swarming to Dubai, the crown jewel of the United Arab Emirates. Make sure you are familiar with the post-Covid regulations for travelling to Dubai and the benefits of travel insurance before you go in line at the airport.

Do I require travel protection for Dubai?

Yes. International travellers must now enter Dubai with proof of Dubai travel insurance coverage that covers Covid. For the whole period of your stay, the coverage must be in effect.

Although Dubai’s healthcare system is well-regarded, if you become ill while visiting the country without a proper bajaj allianz travel insurance policy, you risk being denied medical attention. Treatment for Covid-19 infections, as well as for pre-existing illnesses and unanticipated illnesses, are included.

What should it include?

Ensure that the three key necessities are covered by your Dubai travel insurance:

  • Overseas medical costs, such as those associated with managing Covid-19, pre-existing conditions, and returning home in the occurrence of an injury, illness, or accident
  • Passports and other travel documents, as well as lost, damaged, or stolen bags and possessions
  • Cancellation of your trip due to illness and unforeseen circumstances

You might want to try some of the recreational activities that Dubai has to offer for residents and tourists, but first, be sure the activity is covered by your policy. Some of the riskier choices, like quad biking across sand dunes or scuba diving, might not be covered by a typical policy. However, add-on coverage is frequently offered.

What is the price?

Your age, health, and the activities you intend to engage in will all have an impact on the price of your coverage. Some extreme sports and adventure activities may also require additional premiums for coverage.

Dubai’s medical facilities

A current travel bajaj allianz travel insurance policy is required for any urgent and regular medical care.

You should make sure that any prescription drugs you consume are legal in Dubai in addition to getting a comprehensive policy. You may require a specific permit from the Ministry of Health of the United Arab Emirates to import some common prescription and over-the-counter drugs from the UK since they are illegal there. If you need to get an exception, check the Ministry of Health’s website well in advance of your trip for a list of forbidden substances.

Dubai travel insurance: What are the restrictions?

Although Dubai is a secure and friendly city for visitors from the West, there are a few cultural peculiarities to be aware of. If you don’t follow them, your Dubai travel insurance policy might not protect you from any incidents that arise.


Only hotels and bars with a licence may serve alcohol. Alcohol use is only permitted by non-Muslims, and all drinkers must be older than 21. This means that it’s against the law to offer a drink to a Muslim in Dubai or to drink or appear to be intoxicated in public.

Dress code

In Dubai, always wear conservative clothing when out in public. It is best to cover your shoulders, upper arms, and knee-length legs. This is crucial while visiting places of worship or culture.


In Dubai, sharing housing is only permitted for heterosexual married couples and close family members. Regardless of their marital status at home, same-sex couples must reserve separate accommodations. In Dubai, being in a same-sex relationship is forbidden. For any couple, it’s not advisable to show affection in public.

In Dubai, it’s also illegal to:

  • Insult the United Arab Emirates, its monarchy, its national anthem, its leaders, or Islam
  • Take pictures of people, government structures, military installations, airports, and bridges without permission.

Respecting these cultural distinctions will go a long way toward ensuring that your time in Dubai is pleasurable and trouble-free.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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