The increasing awareness of health concerns and the rising costs of medical care have led to a surge in the popularity of health insurance policies. These plans cater to diverse needs, including specialised options like senior citizen health insurance tailored for older people, which makes it necessary to compare health insurance and buy the one that suits most of their needs.

A right health insurance plan extensively helps to reduce the financial burden strain as well as the premiums paid on this will also give tax benefits to the policyholders.

However, the benefit of the health policy doesn’t end here; one of its other advantages is Non-claim Bonus (NCB). Non-claim bonus in health insurance is a reward that is a discount on premiums which is given to the policyholders who are not making any claims during a policy year.

This reward aims to promote wellness and responsible healthcare management. In this article, let’s explore the benefits of a claim bonus in health insurance and how it works.

 What is NCB in Health Insurance?

No claim bonus, also known as a claim-free bonus, is a benefit health insurance providers offer to policyholders. This benefit is given to the policyholders if they don’t make any claims during a specific policy period. The NCB is an accumulated bonus reward, which will be given in the form of a discount on the premium or an increase in the sum insured for the subsequent policy year.

 What are the Benefits of the NCB in Medical Insurance?

1. Reduction in Premium Costs

One of the significant advantages of the no-claim bonus is the reduction in the premium cost of health insurance. The policyholders who don’t make any claim during a policy year are rewarded with a percentage discount on their excellent health practices and management. However typically, the NCB percentage ranges from 5% to 25%, but it varies from insurance insurer to insurer.

2. Increase in Sum Insured

Apart from discounts, some health insurance policies offer an increase in the sum insured as a no-claim bonus to the policyholder. However, each claim-free year gradually increases this percentage, ensuring better coverage and enhanced financial security for the policyholder for future medical expenses.

3. Encouraging Preventive Care and Wellness

No-claim bonus schemes incentivise the policyholders who adopt proactive healthcare measures and approaches for the wellness of their health. Taking care of their lifestyle and promoting regular help check-ups will help them take early action if any health issue is detected. Early detection leads to timely treatment, which reduces the risk of becoming an issue, a big complication, and the need for hospitalisation.

4. Promoting Responsible Healthcare Management

The concept of non-claim bonus also promotes the idea of responsible healthcare management. The reward of a non-claim bonus promotes a sense of responsibility and self-reliance when it comes to healthcare decisions. It leads to better resource utilisation and reduces the pressure on the healthcare system.

5. Long-Term Savings

Accumulating no claim bonus over a consecutive claim-free year will increase the discount percentage on the assured premium or sum. It ultimately leads to substantial long-term savings for policyholders while enjoying the same or increased health coverage benefits.

6. Portability Benefits

The no-claim bonus is portable, meaning policyholders can carry their accumulated bonus to a new health insurance policy if they decide to switch insurers. It allows individuals to choose the best health insurance plan while retaining the benefits of their claim-free history.

 Ways to Become Eligible for Health Insurance No Claim Bonus

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent illnesses and reduce the need for medical care.
  • Undergo regular health check-ups to catch potential issues early.
  • Utilise preventive measures like vaccinations and screenings.
  • Follow medical advice and treatment plans to avoid exacerbating conditions.
  • Refrain from making any claims during the policy year to qualify for NCB.
  • Inquire about NCB provisions when renewing your policy.
  • Consider family floater policies where a claim-free year benefits all members.
  • Compare the different policies to find the best NCB benefits.
  • Read and understand your policy’s terms and conditions for NCB details.


No claim bonus is an excellent feature of health insurance policies promoting and emphasising preventive care and responsible healthcare management. Thus, NCB is the reward for the responsible policyholders to maintain their well-being and self-reliance in case of some minor health emergency. However, it also recommended that while considering different health insurance options, individuals should look for policies offering attractive no-claim bonus schemes to maximise their savings or coverage benefits.