Marketing qualified lead or MQL lead has not yet decided or made a move to purchase your products. Besides that, an SQL is a sales qualified lead. It is one such kind of lead or customer who has decided to buy the products from your company’s website or company and made the decisions, collected the data and so on. In simple words, an SQL can also be called as a potential customer. If in your sales team you search or get a SQL then it can happen that there are high chances that your sales team can convince the SQL and turn them into a buying customer. Now, several companies are there that want the customers for their products and want their sales to be high and get profit in the market, but when they actually get the customers or the leads who visit their company website they don’t know what to do.

Illustrations of MQL and SQL –

For example, a Cloth Company, when a lead visits them and collects the information but has not yet decided to buy is a MQL. When that particular leads shows the intentions of buying then it becomes a SQL. And, in between there is a lot of process involved. Some of the differences between MQL vs. SQL are the intentions of the customer and first time visitor and second time visitor. These are some of the common differences between the MQL and SQL. The major is the incoming sales process that puts a focus on the MQL and SQL. With the help of MQL and SQL differences, you can enhance your company’s ROI.

About MQL and SQL –

An MQL also means marketing qualified lead is a potential customer who visits your website, which your marketing team believes, will turn into a sale. MQL are prospects that are qualified and they fit as a buyer for your products. In other words, MQL are the leads that are qualified and which is similar to the buyer persona, who fits into that category of a buyer but is not quite ready to buy yet. Sales qualified lead also known as SQL is a kind of a lead or customer, for whom your sales team has decided that it is worth pursuing and convincing for buying. An SQL is at the final stage where they are making the decision to buy the particular product and appreciate content that are focused on sales and support.

First Time Visitor and Second Time Visitor – Difference –

MQL and SQL are the ones who can look for different industry and they might be even searching for companies that are individual. Some other differences are the difference between first time visitor and the visitor that returns after being an MQL and then converts into an SQL. A first time visitor can be a good illustration of a potential MQL. In simple words an MQL is the one who has just started with their buyers journey and are gathering information about the company and its products that will help them to make a decision regarding purchasing . On the other hand a returning visitor likes coming back to your website to collect more information and if they are coming back and connecting with the sales team then there are high chances of them to be an SQL.